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Plan easily your training sessions thanks to the Methodology Tree

FÚTBOLDATA fully adapts to your own training method. Schedule fast and visually your training week. Also, establish an easy information flow with your Sport Manager, prompting him a clear and concise information that would help him accomplish his tasks and do a better job.

Get ahead professionally knowing the key skills your team needs to develop and improve.

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Take the lead and put in motion your plan on the field

Get in control of every training detail in your planning from your player attendance till their chest-guard number or chest-guard color.

Be ready for unexpected events thanks to FÚTBOLDATA flexibility and adaptability. Export and print your planned training into PDF format and take it with you to wherever you may need it.

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Know in every moment what your players need and what to expect from them

To keep in mind your player's development and skills would be really easy with FÚTBOLDATA. The app will take account of the minutes and percentage of training exercises completed by each player.

All the data collected about the players will be available in the season report. And all the team data will be ready to export to Microsoft Excel.

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Player Statistics

Check easily each and every player achievement through the whole season. FÚTBOLDATA will display organized statistics of all your player's data. You only have to spend some minutes in an effortless process to gather it together after a training session or after a match.

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Team Statistics

As for your individual players, FÚTBOLDATA will summarize and display your team’s global statistics. Avoid unnecessary time loss and gain a quick control on how your team achieves through the season. Know what areas you need to improve for your team’s brightest future.

Included Methodology

The wide knowledge of active professionals at your disposal

The main target of FÚTBOLDATA is to solve the difficulties of football teaching to young players and how they would better understand the tactical football concepts. Football as a team sport requires not only of the individual player honing its skills or improving its physical condition, the real achievement it’s to raise the tactical intelligence level of the team as a whole.
Given the scarce existence of scientific research in how to classify and connect the tactical principles known by the football players, FÚTBOLDATA gives you a comprehensive exercise classification to work with and also gives your sport manager a proved methodology to adapt to its own.

The methodology tree included and its training exercises have been designed by professional football trainers that are actually working for diverse football schools and also collaborate with Futbolinevents.

The included exercises and its classification have also a further reach than the typical Global or Analytical exercise. FÚTBOLDATA introduce a starting point list of training exercises ready to be adapted to any sport manager own methodology.

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